Headshell Carbon

Pro-Ject Signature Headshell

Turntable Cartridge Headshell




  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: 9111

Made to complement its Signature tonearms and turntables, Pro-Ject has developed three different headshells, available in carbon, aluminum, or beechwood.

Having more than one headshell allows you to collect different types of phono cartridges, so you may select your favorite for use with different type of music or records to maximize your sound quality.  The different mass of the headshells also makes it easy to get the correct weight ratio in your cartridge/headshell combination, creating a precise fit that’s perfect for your tonearm!

Each headshell comes with a set of alien screws in different lengths, as well as all necessary installation tools. Also included is a wooden collector box.

Note: This product is a special order. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery.

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