Pro-Ject Signature 12

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Olive Wood


  Product sold individually as unit.


The Signature 12 turntable is Pro-Ject’s all-out assault on the analog high-end. This no compromise approach to vinyl playback design commemorates Pro-Ject’s 20-years as an esteemed manufacturer of turntables and electronics. Each table takes 3 months to build and is entirely constructed and assembled by a team of two highly skilled craftsman – truly an artisan product!

Signature 12 employs a highly sophisticated approach by combining the benefits of mass loading and magnetic decoupling. The main plinth supports two plinths and two motors with a belt-driven flywheel system that magnetically decouples the platter’s bearing. The main plinth also houses the touch screen that allows control of all operational parameters and variable speed adjustment. The second plinth, made of aluminum, sits beneath the platter and is responsible for supporting the magnetic suspension. Sorbothane “pillows” isolate the entire assembly and further reduce unwanted disturbances and vibration. The flywheel belt-drive system employs two motors and ensures vibration and noise-free mechanical operation for all moving parts.

The advanced single-pivot 12″ tonearm can accommodate virtually any cartridge, due to its wide range of adjustment possibilities and selection of different counterweights. It is even possible to adjust the VTA while a record is playing.

Superpack Upgrade
The optional Superpack upgrade includes a Sumiko Palos Santos Presentation cartridge at a significantly reduced price. The Palos Santos Presentation is Sumiko’s flagship moving coil cartridge.
New design requirements incorporating advances in material technology and construction techniques have resulted in a significantly improved product that delivers a highly-refined, resolved, and musically satisfying sound quality previously unavailable at or even near its price.

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