Pro-Ject Signature 10

Reference Turntable




  Product sold individually as unit.


Signature 10 is a non-compromise high end turntable/arm configuration with a sophisticated concept combining mass-loaded and floating turntable principles. Magnetic feet and TPE “pillows” decouple the resonance-free, metal granulate filled MDF chassis from the surface. The result is a resonance-free heavy platter that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension that is also TPE damped. The new 10” single-pivot tonearm is an exclusive Pro-Ject design.

With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and a range of included counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted. Signature 10 is an audiophile marvel – one that represents Pro-Ject’s championship in precision engineering and our deep love for music!

Superpack Upgrade
The optional Superpack upgrade includes a Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II cartridge at a significantly reduced price. For years Sumiko has provided the Pearwood Celebration to music lovers seeking the musical experience of the finest and most expensive phono pickups at a more reasonable cost. New advances in material technology and construction techniques have allowed for a significant improvement in sound quality and have resulted in the creation of this new Mark II version. Improvements to the original Pearwood Celebration include a brand new handcrafted Pearwood cartridge body, refined long-grain boron cantilever, and most notably a new ultra low-mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 Stylus (Vital Design).

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