Pro-Ject Record Box E

Phono Preamplifier w/USB Output


Availability: This product typically ships in 2-3 weeks


Record Box E is an high-quality phono preamplifier that also allows you to rip vinyl to your computer via its USB connectivity. Record Box E accepts both MM & MC cartridges and delivers an audiophile-level music experience at an entry-level price.

The integrated A/D converter connects to your computer via USB and is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems. Digitizing your vinyl provides the added benefit of being able to transfer files onto a portable device for “on-the-go” listening. Record Box E is also easily connected to a line-input (AUX etc) on your amplifier. Advanced circuitry and SMD construction keep noise and distortion at impressively low levels. Finally, built-in internal shielding and an outboard DC power supply leave no risk for external interference.

Because of its small footprint, Record Box E is discreet, takes up very little space, and can be conveniently placed near your turntable.

Available in Black Finish.

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