Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital

Digital Preamplifier with MQA and DSD512 Support




  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: 127692

Pre Box S2 Digital marks a new era for Pro-Ject’s S-series components. For the very first time they are using a dual mono configuration with the highest class D/A converters of ESS Sabre. Their flagship DAC-chip ensures highest class audio in a small and affordable package.

This DAC is capable of high-resolution audio up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512! Pre Box S2 Digital is the very first Pro-Ject device to support hardware MQA unfolding. It’s also the premiere of the proprietary Optimum transient digital filter and proprietary clock circuitry design.

Digital audio is the art of time – with Pro-Ject’s new proprietary clock design, they have managed jitter rates of an unrivaled 100 Femtoseconds, which easily outperforms many renowned and respected audiophile clock generators.

With organic polymer capacitors and thin film mini-MELF resistors, Pro-Ject was able to create a tiny device that will blow away even much bigger components. With a total of eight digital filters, the sound can be shaped precisely to the listeners liking.

Pre Box S2 Digital is fully remote controllable, and it can also control the playback software of a computer. You can use Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind straight with your Pre Box S2 Digital!

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