Pro-Ject MaiA CD

Ultra-Compact CD Player




  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: 9528

Value-based CD player with IR remote!

Dedicated CD players, in contrast to DVD or Blu-ray players, are frequently better at the playback of stereo CDs. MaiA CD is designed exclusively for playing audio CDs, and in this discipline it is a true master of its trade. A servo control system optimized for audio playback, in addition to a high-quality, durable drive, is essential for perfect CD playback, and our servo system allows for real-time scanning with minimal jitter. Together with the proven D/A converter blocks, a faithful reproduction is achieved which can not otherwise be found in this price range.

MaiA CD contains a high quality, stable CD drive and additionally offers an optical S/PDIF output, in order to connect higher-end D/A converters, making upgrade easily accomplished.

Available in Black and Silver Finishes.

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