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Pro-Ject Damp It

Dampening Feet


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Effectively prevents transmission of unwanted vibration in a cost-effective way!

Audio components can be sensitive to mechanical vibration, which limits their high fidelity performance. To keep vibrations from your valuable equipment, Damp It feet are a perfect solution with maximum effect at the lowest possible price. Damp It offers similar characteristics as its big brother Absorb It, but without high-class aluminium casing.

Damp It was designed to be placed underneath bookshelf speakers, the original feet of sensitive equipment like turntables, disc players, tube amplifiers and other components. When Damp It is used for both bookshelf speakers and turntable, you can play up to 30% louder without the risk of acoustic feedback. Damp It consists of high tech synthetic rubber material, which dampens a wide frequency range from infrasonic to 500 Hz and therefore effectively prevents transmission of structure-born sound.

Because of its intelligent and rugged design, it can be used for all bookshelf speakers and any sensitive equipment with 3 or 4 feet and even with high mass units up to 44 pounds!

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