Pro-Ject Cork It

Platter Mat


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Sound tuning through replacement of platter mat!

Turntable mats have been the subject of much discussion on how they influence sound.

Common felt mats create smooth contact between record and platter but can have the disadvantage of adding static. Felt mats can also collect dust, which can be then transferred to the record. Additionally, damping ability is limited, which can be a problem with metal platters. Thick, rubber mats may over-damp records and have an isolation effect that leaves static on the record and result in audible noise clicks.

Cork It is an alternative to felt or rubber to upgrade sound quality. Resonances are damped more effectively than felt, it keeps dust away, and it also forms enough contact to avoid static.

Which solution you prefer depends on taste and the actual platter design. Cork It is one very cost-effective way to improve sound and have less noise by static and dust. You will hear the difference!


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