Pro-Ject Absorb It

High-End Damping Feet




Item: absorbit

Effectively prevents transmission of unwanted vibration!

Audio components can be sensitive to mechanical vibration, which limits their high fidelity performance. To keep vibrations from your valuable equipment, Absorb It feet are the perfect solution.

Absorb It feet are specifically designed for turntables, disc players, tube amplifiers, and other sensitive components that are positioned on high vibrating surfaces like glass, thin wood panels, and metal. Place Absorb It underneath the original feet of each unit to avoid transmission of vibrations. With Absorb It, you can play up to 30% louder without the risk of acoustical feedback.

Absorb It feet consist of high tech synthetic rubber material that dampens a wide frequency range from infrasonic to 500 Hz, and therefore effectively prevents transmission of structure-born sound. Absorb It feet are solidly built and can be used for any sensitive equipment with 3 or 4 feet and even with high mass units up to 141 lbs!

Includes 4 feet.

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