MusicLink Phono Interconnect



Item: MLPH

The dynamic freedom and natural performance of MusicLink Interconnect is now available in a version specially designed to transfer the low-level signals of phono cartridges.

Transparent’s artisans build MusicLink Phono Interconnect with the same attentive hand construction as MusicLink RCA interconnect, using custom-stranded OFHC copper cable and gold plated Transparent RCA connectors.

For turntables that have DIN connections, Transparent also offers a stand-alone DIN > RCA adapter which can be custom fabricated to precise tonearm, turntable suspension, and phono preamplifier requirements.

MusicLink Phono Interconnects are upgradeable through an authorized Transparent dealer to Super level phono interconnects and above. Paragon is an authorized dealer for  sales and upgrades.

If you require a length or option not listed in the drop down menu for this product, please give us a call, and we will walk you through the order process for custom items.

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