MoFi Record Weight

Super Heavy Record Weight


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Mobile Fidelity has produced Original Master Recordings on vinyl since 1977. At their Sebastopol studio, they remaster records by some of the world’s most important artists, and their vinyl is considered the gold standard for sound quality and being as close as you can get to owning the original master tapes.

Now, Mobile Fidelity has applied their talent and passion to design and manufacture a line of home audio components under the MoFi Electronics brand name. Every MoFi Electronics product is thoroughly engineered to meet the strict standards of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab so insure that your music reproduction will sound its absolute best.

Designed by HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) for MoFi Electronics, this noise killing record weight has a machine billet aluminum outer shell with proprietary HRS polymer inside. Engineered to eliminate groove, motor, and bearing noise, it weighs in at 367.4 grams and will fit on and improve the performance of most turntables.

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