Meridian 818V3


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The ultimate home audio system hub, the 818v3 Reference Audio Core is the highest performance two-channel preamplifier and Sooloos end-point manufactured by Meridian. This is a high-performance pre-amplifier with a full suite of the unique resolution enhancement technologies that have made Meridian famous.

With extensive connection options for all of your audio sources, the 818v3 also has the award winning Meridian Sooloos endpoint built-in, for the ultimate streaming experience. The 818v3 also contains a brand new DSP chip that offers lip-sync control and DSD playback (DoP) and full MQA support.

About this unit
Fantastic condition trade-in Meridian Audio 818V3 Reference Audio Core in Silver Finish. Unit comes in original box and packing with remote control, owner’s manual, and power cord.

Unit is rated a conservative 7/10 for light use and a scratch in the gloss (approx 2″) of the top panel (towards the back-left – see photo). This is cosmetic in nature and does not impair functionality.

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