Joule Electra LA-450ME Platinum


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Unconstrained dynamically, the LA-450ME allows music to emerge with uncommon grace, speed, control and finesse. This preamp is designed to function in large scale systems and couple with even the most demanding amplifiers and loudspeaker to yield truly “great” realization of any musical program.

About this unit
Very hard-to-find, rare Joule Electra LA-450 Marianne Electra Memorial Preamplifier with Platinum upgrade. Preamp comes with with manual, remote, and power cord. Preamp does not come in original box, but will be professionally packed for shipping.

Preamp is rated 7/10 for cosmetic wear consistent with age and use. These are superficial – unit is in good working condition.

Upgrade Information
The Platinum upgrade consist of the upgrade to the power supplies as well as to the signal path circuitry. One part, mainly, is the installation of Bybees Music Rails to the high voltage power supplies of the preamplifier. A Bybee Music Rail is a highly efficient polishing filter that reduces power supply noise throughout the audible spectrum and up to about 100 KHz by the extraordinary 45 dB.

The second part of this upgrade consist of the installation of new VH Audio Copper Teflon capacitors (CuTF). Specifically the treble is substantially extended and much more silkier and bass even deeper and tighter. The images became more three-dimensional and soundstage enlarged.

Together, entire upgrade will make reproduced music much more realistlc, much closer to the true acoustic music and consequentially much deeper emotional involvement with music which we believe is the ultimate goal of every listener.

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