Jolida 3502s

Integrated Tube Amplifier

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Combining a JD 302CRC and a JD 502CRC has resulted in the Jolida Fusion 3502 S. With a flick of a switch, you can set your amplifier up to operate 6550, KT 88, KT 120, KT 150 or EL34 Vacuum Tubes. Flexibility is not only the Vacuum Tubes, the Fusion 3502 has a bypass that allows the amp to be utilized as a power amp.

About this product
Fantastic condition trade-in Jolida 3502s Integrated Tube Amplifier. Amp comes in original box and packing with remote control, owner’s manual, and power cord. Amplifier currently has 6550, 12AX7A, and 12AT7 tubes.

Amp is rated 8/10 for minor cosmetic wear consistent with age and use. The volume control on the remote is not functioning correctly, but the unit can operate without the remote.

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