High Performance 14-2 Speaker Cable



Item: TRP-HP142SC

HP14-2 is an ideal speaker cable choice for basic home music and theater system installations where speaker cable runs are 40-feet or less. HP14-2 provides better than average performance in lengths greater than 40 feet; however, Transparent recommends using heavier gauged speaker cable such as HP12-2 or HP10-2 for speaker cable runs longer than 40 feet to avoid the possibility of resistive signal loss. You can confirm here that High Performance 14 AWG Speaker Cable is the best choice for your installation.

For a palpable increase in performance, connect HP 14-2 cables to the speakers with Transparent 14-2 Brick Networks.


HOW TO ORDER: Every speaker cable package comes with a single length of cable. For example, selecting 20 feet in the length option menu results in ordering a single piece of cable that measures 20 feet. The single length gives you the opportunity to cut that cable into as many or as few pieces of cable in whatever lengths you like. If you want to make a 10 foot pair of speaker cables, order 20 feet from the length menu, and cut the length in half to create 2- 10 foot pieces. The kit comes with a complete termination kit for a pair of speaker cables. You can select your option for soldered or no solder connections and banana or spade terminations in the Term Kit option menu.


  • HP14-2’s conductors are made with many heavy strands of tightly twisted OFHC copper for superior current transfer.
  • Two 14 AWG conductors in a fire retardant, pressure-extruded outer jacket that reduces electro-mechanical vibration and preserves the intended electrical characteristics of the cable when flexed or bent.
  • HP14-2 is available in continuous lengths from 10-100 feet.
  • Use High Performance 14-2 Brick Networks to optimize the performance of this cable.
  • See DIY Speaker Supplies for extra termination supplies and solderless connector options. HP14-2 is upgradeable to The Wall Premium or The Wall Reference Speaker Cable through an authorized Transparent dealer.

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