Cushion I

Grado Replacement Cushions

Replacement Cushions and Ear Tips


Cushion I
Cushions S
Cushion L
Cushion G
Ear Tip IGe
Ear Tip GR


  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: 10333

Genuine Grado

Cushion I – Fits the following headphones: iGrado and eGrado

Cushion S – Fits the following headphones: SR60, SR80, SR125 (all series)

Cushion L – Fits the following headphones: SR225, SR325, RS1, RS2, PS500 (all series)

Cushion G – Fits the following headphones: PS1000, GS1000 (all series)

Ear Tip iGe – Fits iGe In-Ear Series

Ear Tip GR – Fits GR8 / GR10 In-Ear Series

**All Grado accessories are genuine manufacturer parts.


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