Grado Prestige Series Green 1

Phono Cartridge

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The Prestige Series 1 by Grado is designed for high output and excellent stability under severe use. A considerable tip mass reduction results in a frequency response to 50 kHz and beyond and tracking forces from 1-2 grams. Acclaimed by experts as virtually the finest pickups in the world at their price.

The newly redesigned Black 1 and Green 1 have had their coil design reconfigured, and the effective moving mass of their generating system has been reduced by 17%. The Black 1 and Green 1 models use a three piece OTL cantilever technology, standard oxygen free wire in the coils and Grado’s specially designed elliptical diamond mounted in a brass bushing. The Green 1 model is selected from the Black 1 production run and meets higher test specifications. Approximately 15% of the production run will meet these standards and become Green 1 models.

Available in standard 1/2″ mount. All styli in the Prestige series are user replaceable.

Note: Series 1 has been recently discontinued by Grado.

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