Fidelity Research FR-64S Tonearm & Denon DP-55K

Tonearm & Turntable


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Vintage consignment Denon DP-55K Direct Drive Turntable with magnetic motor control system in extremely good working and cosmetic condition.

Turntable comes fitted with the prestigious FR-64S tonearm from Fidelity Research, a Tokyo based manufacturer of high-quality tonearms from 1964 through 1984. Fidelity Research founder, Osamu Ikeda, later went on to produce designs under the Ikeda brand name. The arm comes with the smaller anti-skate weight designed for cartridges tracking from 0.5 grm to 2.5 grm. Also included is a Fidelity Research FR-1MK3 moving coil cartridge.

Turntable does not come in original box or packing. Printed (after-market) manuals are included. The provided Denon DP-55K manual is a Service Manual.

For those audiophiles whom are looking for the ultimate from this package, please see our additional listing for a Cotter matching MK-2 Moving-Coil Pickup Transformer which was part of the original owner’s package. Click HERE to view Cotter ad.

**Turntable is local-pickup only. Tonearm can be shipped if sold separately from turntable. Please contact us if you are interested in tonearm only.

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