Clearaudio Essence MC

Moving Coil Cartridge


Availability: This product typically ships in 1-2 weeks


Combining the same aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic surface layer body material as Clearaudio’s daVinci MC and elevating the Concept MC generator design to new levels, the Essence MC applies even tighter specifications to every parameter.

The boron cantilever, micro-line stylus and moving coil generator have been subjected to the most stringent scrutiny, ensuring superb dynamics, fine resolution and channel matching of greater than 0.5dB. Designed to match most MC phono stages, the Essence MC delivers natural tonality, three-dimensional sound-staging, vivid dynamics and captivating musicality.

The Essence MC is a step-above the Concept MC cartridge.

Upgrade pricing is available if you trade-in a lower-level Clearaudio cartridge. Please contact us for upgrade price and more information.

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