Brinkmann RöNt

Turntable Tube Power Supply



At first blush, it seems a crazy idea to use vacuum tubes for a low-voltage turntable power supply. So why does Brinkmann do it? They found that the vacuum in the rectifier tubes not only isolates their plates from the cathodes, but also the power line from the drive circuitry. Because of this the »RöNt« works like a high class power line filter for their turntables. The purification of the mains noticeably improves the sound in terms of clarity, openness and spaciousness.

Brinkmann changed the circuit to a single ended class A topography which gives a smoother and more transparent performance. The »RöNt II« delivers a stabilized output voltage of 24..25VDC, the output is short circuit proof.

The tube supply utilizes two high current low resistance pentodes (PL36) and one full wave rectifier (5AR4). All tubes are made for long life. Secondary AC voltage is rectified by the full wave rectifier and fed to both of the output pentodes via a line choke reducing even more mains noise. The output voltage is stabilized by controlling the output pentode stage.

For start up, the motor of Brinkmann’s direct drive turntables needs about 500mA, the motor of our belt drive turntables needs about 150mA. Since Brinkmann wanted to supply the benefits of their famous and unique »RöNt« for all models (including direct drive), they developed a new and more powerful circuit that meets the demands of all their models.

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