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Brinkmann developed the tonearm »10.0« as a completion for their two direct drive turntables »Oasis« and »Bardo«. The »10.0« has a close resemblance with the »10.5« tonearm. Various component parts that have proved to be perfect in Brinkmann tonearms like the arm tube with the special hard ceramic surface, the headshell, the tonearm lift, and also the mounting socket are also used for the »10.0« tonearm. Therefore the »10.0« can be mounted on tonearm bases with the same drillings as the »10.5« or »12.1«.

The »10.5« is a true all-around tonearm. With a dynamic mass of 12 grams, it works well with any modern cartridge; and with 10.5” length, it is still short enough for most turntables designed for 9-inch arms, yet also long enough for 12-inch arm bases. For optimum resonance control and high torsional stability, the »10.5« is made from aluminum and stainless steel; a high tech synthetic material is also used. The vertical down-force and the dynamic mass can be adjusted over a wide range thanks to the split collar counterweight. Skating is compensated for without any contact by magnetic force.

By definition, when tracking a record with a pivoted tonearm, the cantilever is aligned perfectly perpendicular to the groove in only two instances. The longer the tonearm, the smaller the offset error will be between these two instances, resulting in lower distortion. This explains why LPs tracked with the »12.1«-inch long tonearm sound just a tad more poised, relaxed and natural.

Each Brinkmann tonearm features an infinitely variable Azimuth adjustment.

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