Audio Research REF40 Anniversary

Fortieth Anniversary Reference Preamplifier

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What the Ref 40 does that no other preamp I’ve heard does is reproduce instruments and vocalists with a three-dimensional “solidity” (the very meaning of the word “stereo,” BTW) that is simply mind-boggling (and unequaled in my experience). Instruments are so rooted in space, so solidly “there,” and the stage is so clear and orderly, it is almost like you’re listening to a three-channel system playing back three-channel mastertapes—that “phantom” center channel is that much less phantom. Trust me: The difference is that dramatic.
-The Absolute Sound

About this product
Superb condition trade-in Audio Research 40th Anniversary Edition Reference Preamplifier, with outboard power supply, in Black Finish. Preamplifier and power supply come in original boxes and packing with power cords, umbilicals, remote control, and owner’s manuals.

Units are rated 8/10 for light use.

Note: Units are pictured without optional handles, however handles in matching Black finish are included with purchase.

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