Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000M

Compact Portable Hi-Fi Player


Onyx Black
Lapis Blue


  Product sold individually as unit.

Item: SP1000M

Astell & Kern constantly strives to master the delivery of faithful sound reproduction. Since its release, the flagship A&ultima SP1000 has been the company’s highest-fidelity portable audio player. Now, Astell & Kern is pleased to introduce the A&ultima SP1000M – featuring the same sound-quality of the SP1000, but with a more compact size.

The portability and convenience of the SP1000M’s one-handed operation enables music lovers to enjoy high-resolution, original sound playback anytime and anywhere, without sacrificing the performance level offered by the flagship SP1000.

Get Both High Output and Vivid Sound
Independent DACs for the left and right audio channels provide a wider soundstage and better stereo separation. Each AK4497EQ DAC provides rich and vivid audio reproduction, allowing the listener to enjoy the sound as it was meant to be heard.

Great Performance for the Ultimate Experience
The A&ultima SP1000M is equipped with an octa-core CPU which allows the player to produce the exact musical detail present in the original recording without distortion and provides a quick, lag-free operation.

Advanced User Interface
While the A&ultima SP1000M has the same intuitive menu composition as its predecessor, the SP1000, its user interface has been improved with the optional Virtual Back Key, which enables users to control the device more easily and conveniently. Use the Floating feature to place the Virtual Back Key at a desired location or disable it by simply dragging it to the middle of the screen or turning it off from the Settings menu.

The A&ultima SP1000M is offered in Lapis Blue & Onyx Black.

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