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By virtue of a totally new measurement metric, the just-released
Transparent Generation 6 represents a higher level of refinement and
precision to the Transparent Audio Cable design model. This new metric
not only ensures that every customer will be able to fully realize the
design model advancements of the past 6 years, but each product in the
audio cable line-up now embodies a demonstrative evolution of the
Transparent musical standard.

While each system is different, having a baseline of matched performance level of
audio and digital signal connectivity, power cabling, and power
conditioning is vital to helping you stay on track and to think more in
terms of improving your entire system over time, rather than simply
adding components in a random fashion.

Your Paragon Sight & Sound professionals are the best source to help you build a
truly balanced and satisfying Transparent Generation 6 cabled system. Hear the difference for yourself in our beautiful Ann Arbor, MI showroom!
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Don't Worry
Your journey toward "you are there" listening experiences is safe, sure, and affordable when you buy Transparent Cables at Paragon Sight & Sound. The Transparent Upgrade Program protects your original Transparent investments by providing generous trade-in values toward the purchase of cables and power conditioning at the next level of musicality or higher.
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Paragon & Transparent:
A partnership of passion & objective quality

Paragon Sight & Sound has been a proud dealer of Transparent Audio since 1994, and we are honored to be one of their Top Dealers every year since 2010. Transparent's quality, reliability, price point options, and unparalleled upgrade program make them an obvious choice for all of your cable & power conditioner needs. Learn more about our relationship with Transparent in this video.


Comprised of the finest audio equipment ever made, an Upgraded Connoisseur System should effortlessly lift the listener out of his or her listening seat to the best seat in the concert hall. When the goal is no-compromise performance at the absolute highest level, the Transcendent Collection will ensure that your system can take you there.

For such systems, Transparent designed OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS Audio Cables to provide the perfect connections for the most resolving and demanding audio equipment imaginable. The result of decades of critical listening, testing, and design, the audio cables, power conditioning, and power cords in the Transparent Transcendent Collection have no equals. Laboriously hand-crafted, measured, and calibrated to ensure peak performance, OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS let you unleash the full potential of your components. Transparent addresses every detail of calibration, fit, and finish with both your components and listening space to create a truly transcendent listening experience.
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MAGNUM OPUS embodies the pinnacle of Generation 6 Technology and provides transcendent music listening experiences in connoisseur level audio systems comprised of the best components available.

The new G6 measurement metric is far more precise than Transparent previously was able to achieve in production. This level of exactitude requires considerably more production time. The cost of a part as a physical object is no longer relevant when 90% of the best available tolerance of the required parts do not meet the new MAGNUM OPUS specifications. It takes hours to measure, sort, and label each part for each highly customized channel of a pair of MAGNUM OPUS cables, and it takes many more hours to assemble each channel into a finished product that measures perfectly across all parameters.

MAGNUM OPUS carbon fiber network housings have not changed, but the design team has gone to greater lengths to eliminate any vibration and resonance. Similar to the best mass-loaded speaker cabinets, Integrated Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER) now fills every void. In addition, MAGNUM OPUS Speaker Cable has a newly configured, stiffer, heavier, more stable, vibration-nulling, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plinth. A 3/16” carbon fiber plate embedded in a cavity filled with IFER stiffens the base and damps vibrations. This new stiff, resonant-free, platform marries solidly to its epoxy-loaded, carbon-fiber carapace with a thin thermoplastic, sound-damping layer. Fasteners bore deeply into the IFER mass in the carapace at a specific torque setting to solidify the whole construction.
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The new G6 measurement parameters for OPUS Audio Cables are far more precise than what Transparent has ever achieved in production at the OPUS level. OPUS provides transcendent music listening experiences that approach MAGNUM OPUS in connoisseur level audio systems.

Stiff, light, carbon-fiber shells still encase OPUS networks, and Integrated Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER) fills every void. In addition, Transparent has preserved the iconic outrigger shape of the OPUS Speaker Cable base, but the new platform is much thicker, stiffer, heavier, and more stable. Two layers of PMMA now sandwich a 3/16” carbon fiber plate embedded in a cavity filled with IFER. The stiffer, resonant-free, OSC plinth marries solidly to its carbon fiber carapace with a thin thermoplastic, sound-damping layer, and fasteners bore deeply into the IFER mass that encases the network at a specific torque setting.
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Gen 6 XL Audio Cables have undergone a significant physical transformation in addition to more precise and comprehensive network specifications. XL is an ultimate companion for connoisseur level audio systems that are highly developed.

Transparent made a hefty investment in tooling to create the new XL Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) network enclosures. The new housings are less bulky than the previous generation machined acrylic enclosures. They also allow more effective vibration and resonance control because they are stiff and light and have larger cavities to house networks and a much greater mass of IFER. Like OPUS and MAGNUM OPUS, IFER now fills every void in XL Interconnect and Speaker Cable network enclosures.

XL Speaker Cable is now mechanically far more stable than previous generations. The new IFER-loaded XL Speaker Cable CFC carapace sits on a stiff, 3/16” thick carbon-fiber layer which has been embedded in a cavity in the IFER-filled, PMMA plinth. Between the plinth and carapace there is also a thin thermoplastic, sound-damping layer, and fasteners bore deeply into the IFER mass in the carapace at a specific torque setting. New XL cable designs have also increased current carrying capability. The new XL cable geometry has greater stability and superior damping characteristics, thereby revealing all the precision and refinement of G6 network specifications.
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In addition to comprehensive Generation 6 network advancements,
REFERENCE Audio Cables have also undergone a significant physical
transformation. REFERENCE is an ultimate companion for connoisseur audio
systems that are in the first stages of development.

Like XL, REFERENCE G6 network housings are made from Carbon Fiber
Composite. The new housings are stiffer and lighter with larger cavities
to house and damp networks. IFER now fills every void in REFERENCE
Interconnect and Speaker Cable network enclosures to reduce vibration
and resonance more effectively.

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About Transparent Audio

In 1980, Jack Sumner, Karen Sumner, and Carl Smith came together to form Transparent Audio. This triumvirate of engineer, musician, and musicologist provided the perfect blend of talents needed to launch the name that many audiophiles now swear-by when selecting networked cables. The name Transparent is synonymous with their network filter design philosophy and exceptional craftsmanship. Located in Maine, Transparent Audio cables are hand-crafted by a dedicated team of product designers, assembly technicians, and support staff. Transparent offers a wide selection of speaker cables, balanced cables, single-ended cables, digital cables, phono cables, power cables, headphone cables, HDMI cables, and power conditioners. A visit to Paragon’s showroom will reveal that all our systems feature Transparent cables. We are proud to be one of their Top Dealers every year since 2010.
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Transparent Audio | Reviews

Martin Colloms

"… that ambitious company name is clearly not just for show."

Bryan Southard

"… the finest-sounding AC power product that I have heard to date … [I]f
you own an expensive video device, it deserves this level of

Anthony Chiarella

"Dynamically generous, tonally neutral and harmonically complete, the
Transparents' sonics validate both their design philosophy and their
asking price …"

Tom Miiller

"… the most harmonically complete and accurate speaker cable I have heard."

Myles Astor

"… the new king of the high-end cables."

Myles Astor

"By comparison, other cables were thin, smeared and unable to precisely place these instruments within the soundstage."

Ed Masterson

"I was nothing short of amazed at how much of an improvement the
Transparent PowerIsolator 4 made in my system … [It] will take you that
much closer to the live event. In the world of AC optimization, it is
unequaled at any cost."

Wes Phillips

"The Transparent designs portray silence as a physical, not just theoretical, reality."