dCS Vivaldi Digital Playback System

March 11th, 2020

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dCS believes that the role of a hi-fi system is to preserve all of the subtle information on a recording through the reproduction chain, and present it to the listener with every last nuance of emotional content intact.

Vivaldi is a complete digital music playback system that offers unmatched sonic and measured performance. Designed for maximum flexibility with an array of input and output configurations, it is easily set up and optimized for music systems with various sources.

Vivaldi redefines state-of-the-art in digital playback, transforming your listening experience and taking your music collection to levels you have not heard before.

The Vivaldi system consists of four components:

Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport: Vivaldi Transport is designed to extract revelatory levels of detail from both CD and SACD and is the ultimate machine for silver disc replay. All signal processing in Vivaldi Transport is proprietary to dCS.

Vivaldi DAC: Vivaldi DAC uses the latest groundbreaking dCS technology including ‘next generation’ versions of the dCS Ring DAC™, Digital Processing Platform and Clocking System so that, as the hub of a digital audio system, an array of features guarantees superlative performance from any digital source.

Vivaldi Upsampler: Vivaldi Upsampler is designed to act as the hub of a digital audio system. Operating as a digital-to-digital converter, Vivaldi Upsampler accesses music from any digital source and converts the audio from its native sample rate to either high resolution DXD, DSD or standard high resolution PCM.  Vivaldi Upsampler gives your music a more vibrant, three-dimensional, transparent and effortless performance.

Vivaldi Master Clock: Vivaldi Master Clock is a powerful yet simple to use Grade 1 master clock based on our pioneering developments in studio and home audio. Featuring two banks of clock outputs capable of outputting different frequencies, Vivaldi Master Clock uses the latest groundbreaking technology from dCS.

The Vivaldi Digital Playback System is available in Silver or Black finishes.

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