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June 7th, 2019

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Front Yard, Backyard, or Both!

Smart Home technology is now standard inside many homes. So,
it’s not surprising that tech is now becoming increasingly popular outside
one’s home. In fact, CEPro (an industry trade publication) found that, “63% of
integration firms expect their outdoor business to grow in 2019.” A recent
Houzz survey noted a big jump in outdoor security with a year-over-year
increase of almost 50%. The most popular outdoor tech features added in
2018 were lighting (20%), irrigation (13%), security (12%), and
audio/video/media (4%).

Paragon Integration is well versed in outdoor tech and offers design and installation of our select products that seamlessly integrate with your Smart Home system. This summer, our Custom Corner feature will look at some of the most popular products that can transform and add to the beauty of your outdoor space. In this issue, we are focusing on the backyard because it’s the place you spend time relaxing and entertaining. It’s time to bring audio or video into your outdoors; Paragon Integration is here to help!

In our view, adding music almost always makes for a better
experience. This is especially true for your backyard oasis. Whether relaxing
on your deck, near a pool, or hanging out near the BBQ, music enhances the
natural beauty of your yard and sets the tone for how you like to spend your leisure
time. There are multiple options for installing a music system, but the one we
really like is the Landscape Series from Sonance. Tuck these waterproof
speakers and underground subwoofers amongst your landscape planting, and you’ll
have an invisible music system that sets the mood – but doesn’t disturb your
neighbors. The folks at Sonance learned that a series of speakers strategically
placed around the perimeter of your yard, and directed toward the center, means
a “perfect blanket of sound” for you and a surprising lack of sound in your
neighbor’s yard.

Check out the diagram below and you’ll see the Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. Let us design and install an invisible music system that brings your back yard to life!

Sonance Landscape Series

It’s a crisp, cool Saturday in October and football is in
the air. If you don’t have a ticket to the game, hanging out with friends in
your backyard and watching the game on your outdoor TV is a blast. In the last
few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of “outdoor ready” video
options. Manufacturers such as Séura
have developed fully waterproof video systems designed for either low-sun areas,
such as covered decks, or high-sun areas near a pool or open deck. Today’s
outdoor TVs live outside all year round, so you can brave the elements and
watch everything from the frozen four to the final four. Outdoor TVs are
exceptionally bright and have impressive sizes up to 86 inches. Create that
drive-in movie experience, only the snack bar is steps away in your kitchen! 

We’ve installed plenty of outdoor TVs and know all the tricks to selecting the best location. We can even integrate your outdoor audio and video system into your indoor systems, with complete control at your fingertips. Give Paragon Integration a call to learn more about how we can enhance your backyard experience.    

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