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There's been an undeniable resurgence of vinyl over the past decade, and for consumers this means that the selection of turntables is greater than ever. This is an exciting time for vinyl-lovers, but the variety of high end turntables can also be overwhelming. At Paragon, we channel our analog expertise into finding the very best hifi turntables while still maintaining a good variety of performance and price points.
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A turntable is the heart of your analog audio system. Every element on your high-end turntable can effect the performance and sound quality of your system - whether it's the type of drive mechanism of your turntable, tonearm weight and material, your phono cartridge type and material, etc. Paragon has the expert advice you need to navigate all these factors and achieve the best-quality turntable system. Shop our available turntables online. You can also browse our reference-level turntables, which are in-store only products, because Paragon custom-orders and hand-installs them. Many turntables in our store can be customized at package prices with an upgraded cartridge or tonearm, or have special-order finishes. Paragon's staff is happy to build you a custom turntable package, or work with trade-ins. Please contact us for any special orders. Shop our collection of turntables here, or visit our showroom for an audition.