Do you want a music or home theater system that will totally engage you every time you sit down to hear a favorite piece of music or experience a new movie? It’s a challenge! No single component, cable, power conditioner, or power cord fully determines the overall presentation and impact of the entertainment experience. The magic happens when everything in the system works together optimally.

Your Paragon Sight & Sound professionals are your best source to help you build a truly balanced and satisfying Transparent cabled system.

Transparent has identified 4 levels of different types of systems to help you find your unique path to begin to navigate the hundreds of Transparent products to create the best systems possible: Newcomer, Enthusiast, Aficionado, and Connoisseur systems. The Transparent System Explorer can help you to identify the type of system that is best suited for each product Transparent offers.

While each system is different, having a baseline of matched performance level of audio and digital signal connectivity, power cabling, and power conditioning is vital to helping you stay on track and to think more in terms of improving your entire system over time rather than simply adding components in a random fashion.

Think of Transparent Cables, Power Cords, and Power Conditioning as the lifeblood of your system. Each link works together to create a complex circulatory system that helps feed and balance your system by freeing each component to perform up to its fullest potential.

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New to the benefits of HiFi?

If you are new to high performance audio and A/V systems and want to start out with a basic integrated amplifier, or all-in-one component, begin with Newcomer System Linking Solutions.

Cables, power conditioners, and power cords in this category go well beyond generic options in terms of build quality and performance at a competitive cost.

A good measure of Transparent Noise Reduction Technologies are distilled into their entry-level Newcomer cables. These cables will help your system reveal more musical detail with better bass control and the rich tonal balance of live music.



Perfecting musical enlightenment

If you have some knowledge of high-performance brands, then these cables are perfect to upgrade your existing system.

Transparent’s linking recommendations for Enthusiast Systems, including cables, power conditioners, and power cords, have been specifically designed to handle more power and work with upgraded components to reveal more of what the source material has to offer.

Transparent Noise Reduction and Resonance Control Technologies allow this type of system to reveal a more musical presentation from top to bottom with a greater sense of the musical performance space and realistic dynamic force.

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Audiophile quality for music enthusiasts

You probably have been developing and building your audio systems over a long period of time, and you are probably looking to extract the last measure of performance from your investments.

Transparent Cables, Power Conditioners, and Power Cords in the Aficionado category are capable of helping system components achieve the balanced harmony serious music lovers and audiophiles seek.

Calibration of the cables to the electrical output characteristics of the specific components take Transparent Noise Reduction and Resonance Control Technologies to the next level so that the system components are able to reveal more of the music than you ever thought possible.

The build quality and refined fit and finish of the cables, power conditioners, and power cords in the Aficionado category are in keeping with the rest of the fine components in your system.



Apex level ultimate music systems

Transparent’s flagship Magnum Opus Interconnects and Speaker Cables are the lifeblood of the Connoisseur System. Magnum Opus cable networks require matching and measurement that are at the edge of modern technology.

Production time is similar to the manufacturing of other high-end audio components. Magnum Opus is costly and rare, each cable is specifically designed to match the your system components exactly and to fit perfectly within your listening environment.

If you are seeking the ultimate musical experience, Magnum Opus Speaker Cables and Interconnects are an essential part of expertly designed systems. XL Digital Cables, Opus Power Cords, and Opus PowerIsolators will complete your system.

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About Transparent Audio

In 1980, Jack Sumner, Karen Sumner, and Carl Smith came together to form Transparent Audio. This triumvirate of engineer, musician, and musicologist provided the perfect blend of talents needed to launch the name that many audiophiles now swear-by when selecting networked cables. The name Transparent is synonymous with their network filter design philosophy and exceptional craftsmanship. Located in Maine, Transparent Audio cables are hand-crafted by a dedicated team of product designers, assembly technicians, and support staff. Transparent offers a wide selection of speaker cables, balanced cables, single-ended cables, digital cables, phono cables, power cables, headphone cables, HDMI cables, and power conditioners. A visit to Paragon’s showroom will reveal that all our systems feature Transparent cables. We are proud to be one of their Top Dealers every year since 2010.