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Add more depth to your sound with a quality subwoofer from Paragon. Home theater subs give added dimension to movies, bringing low frequencies and sound effects to life. Home subwoofers are also perfect for enhancing the bass in your recordings for a deep, rich listening experience. Explore our selection below to find a subwoofer that’s perfectly suited to your needs!
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Loudspeakers play sound within a set range of frequencies, meaning there is a capped high-frequency and low-frequency. Subwoofers extend the bottom frequency of your audio system. Technical talk aside, a subwoofer delivers lower sound, deeper bass, and radiates thump (think action movies). At Paragon, we feel that a subwoofer adds immense value to your audio system - it's a small investment that brings a seemingly endless feeling of fullness and depth. Browse our collection of subwoofers online, and visit our showroom for an audition.