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For better systems, listening gets another step closer to the sound of live music with SUPER Interconnects and Speaker Cables. With more sophisticated and refined cable and network technologies, SUPER Audio Cables are a better value upgrade than far more costly core components. Adding SUPER Phono Cables and PREMIUM Digital Cables are a significant source component upgrade. PREMIUM Power Cords and a PowerWave Power Conditioner work together to feed your power-hungry system with clean, unrestricted power while protecting your entire system from spikes and surges.

5 products found in Premium Systems

Transparent Premium Power Cord
  • $625.00
Transparent Premium 75-Ohm Digital Link
  • From $790.00
Transparent Premium 110-Ohm AES/EBU Digital Cable
  • From $895.00
Transparent PowerWave Power Conditioner
  • $1,995.00
Transparent PowerWave X Power Conditioner
  • $3,895.00