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Using high-quality stereo power conditioners are the key to saving your audio/video system from unwanted electrical surges. Paragon offers the finest surge protection possible, browse our selection of power conditioners below.
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Stromtank S 1000 Battery Powered Generator
Stromtank S 1000 Battery Powered Generator


Power conditioners can not only protect your expensive audio components from surges and blow-outs, but they also function to clean dirty noise out of the AC power line (supplied from the grid). Another common feature in power conditioners is power factor correction - which shapes the input current in order to maximize the real power from the AC supply. Essentially, power factor correction promotes superior tonal fidelity and more realizable power for your components. Paragon's selection of power conditioners feature surge protection, broadband noise filtration, and power factor correction. Shop our selection of power conditioners online. You can also browse our reference level power conditioners online, but these can only be purchased in-store. Please contact us if you have any questions, or need our expert advice.