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If you have or will soon own a basic receiver, integrated amplifier or all-in-one streaming system, begin by exploring good, better, and best options here. Cables, power conditioners, and power cords in this performance category go well beyond generic and typical options in terms of build quality and performance for not much more cost.

24 products found in Newcomer Systems

Transparent Perfect Network Audio
  • From $30.00
Transparent Hardwired TOSLink
  • From $30.00
Transparent Perfect Image HDMI
  • From $40.00
Transparent Perfect Front Row RCA Interconnect
  • From $45.00
Transparent Perfect Front Row Balanced Interconnect
  • From $65.00
Transparent Perfect Power 2-Prong Power Cord
  • $65.00
Transparent Perfect Power 3-Prong Power Cord
  • $75.00
Transparent Perfect Front Row Speaker Cable
  • From $95.00
Transparent Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link
  • From $100.00
Transparent The Link RCA Interconnect
  • From $100.00
Transparent The Link Phono Interconnect
  • From $120.00
Transparent Performance Power Cord
  • From $125.00