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Bartók APEX is a distillation of dCS' past, present, and future—30 years of innovation in a single beautiful, flexible, and futureproof chassis.

Combining a DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp, and (optional) Headphone Amplifier, the Bartók APEX offers a singular experience for headphone and stereo listeners.

Now with the APEX Ring DAC, dCS' next-generation DAC hardware, they've once again redefined the state-of-the-art for digital audio. This upgrade takes Bartók world-leading measured performance to a new level—technology that provides an even more immersive musical experience.

If you own an original dCS Bartók and are interested in upgrading to APEX, contact us for more information.

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dCS Bartók APEX Headphone DAC
  • $22,950.00


dCS Bartók APEX Streaming DAC
  • $20,950.00