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An fully integrated audio system offers versatility and value. Get more bang for your buck with an all-in-one music system that supports playback from an array of sources. What makes a system all-in-one? Not only does it have a built-in integrated amplifier, DAC, player, but it also features speakers - so it's truly plug-and-play! Browse Paragon's selection of all-in-one systems below.

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Sonus faber Omnia All-in-One System
  • $1,999.00


Paragon offers a limited selection of all-in-one music systems for your home. An all-in-one system usually contains an integrated amplifier (power amp + preamp) with music streaming functions and a built-in speaker. Some higher level all-in-one players also include a disc player, headphone amplifier, phono stage, and a more robust DAC with the processing power to handle all high-quality music file formats - including DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and more. All-in-one players are a compact efficient solution for having the luxury of music without the clutter of a large audiophile system. Their low-profile design make them the perfect product for offices, bedrooms, living rooms - places where you want to enjoy ambient music all the time. Shop Paragon's available all-in-one systems here, or visit our showroom for a demonstration.