Featured Products

Welcome Symbol Audio | Handcrafted Audio Furniture

The Symbol Audio collection is designed to provide distinctive audio products for the design & quality oriented consumer.

Wilson Audio | Acoustic Diode Upgrade Kit

Building upon the research and development of Pedestal, the Special Applications Engineering Team is excited to announce the Wilson Audio Acoustic ...

The Pro-Ject Debut PRO | Coming Soon

The Debut PRO extends the tradition of the Debut collection with a new striking design.

E1 Isolation Base | Cost Effective Performance

The E1 Isolation Base from HRS is for customers who want true HRS performance in a very cost effective design configuration. Paragon is pleased to ...

Sonus faber Gravis I & II | Class & Power

The Gravis I and II subwoofers are the collection representing an ideal compromise between size and performance.

Amethyst | Trinnov's High-End Stereo Flagship

The Amethyst preamplifier is Trinnov’s flagship high-end stereo product.

Sonus faber Sonetto Collection | Italian Poetry

Sonetto is the entry level collection that embodies  all of the values of Sonus faber.

Sennheiser HD 800S | Reference Class Headphones

The audiophile headphones all others are measured against, the HD 800 S doesn’t just raise the ceiling for critical listening—it smashes right thro...

dCS Bartók | Digital Done Right

The Bartók began with a singular vision: to combine dCS' past, present and future, distilling 30 years of innovation into a beautiful, flexible an...

X-Driver Prestige Series | New From Grado

Featuring new 4th generation drivers, the Prestige Series is the best way to experience the storied Grado sound for the first time. 

Enjoy Movie Night with Strato S

Kaleidescape designed the Strato S Movie Player to provide an immersive home cinema experience, with better audio and video playback quality than m...

Trinnov Audio | Altitude16 Processor

Delivering the same processing capabilities and sound quality as the Altitude32 processor, the Altitude16 makes Trinnov’s best-in-class performance...