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Paragon offers our clients the best-of-the-best. We strive to provide the highest quality two-channel products, paired with unmatched expertise, door-to-door delivery, and after-sale service.

At Paragon, we are constantly on the hunt for the best products in our industry. Our staff continually evaluates a broad spectrum of products in our search for the best equipment: assessing everything from two channel amplifiers, to phono stages & preamplifiers, and the newest D/A converters. The goal is to effectively select products with the right combination of aesthetics, performance characteristics, and value – so that Paragon can always represent the best.


Our passion for two channel audio starts with Larry and the Paragon staff. We pride our store environment as being a “Dogma Free Zone” – this means that regardless of audiophile ideology, we are more concerned with what is true-to-your-ear. Here at Paragon, we use our personal experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge to select products that help our clients realize their dream system. Because as Larry says, “It’s about having fun, and finding your ultimate music experience!”

Our showroom contains a comprehensive assortment of the best audio components available today. We have classic two channel preamplifiers and amplifiers, but we also provide products that address specific parts of your audio system. We have a broad selection of two channel phono stages that will accurately amplify the subtle cues and spaciousness delivered by our high performance turntables and cartridges. We offer phono stages from companies like: Audio Research, Doshi Audio, McIntosh Laboratory, Parasound, and Pro-Ject Audio Systems; and turntables & cartridges from: Brinkmann Audio, BMS, Grado Labs, Koetsu, McIntosh, Pro-Ject, and SME Limited.

We offer a diverse variety of audiophile loudspeakers from some of the finest companies in the world, such as: Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus faber, and Wilson Audio. These exceptional speakers can only be powered by products that are equally impressive, which we offer from: Audio Research, Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, McIntosh, Parasound, and Rotel.

We carry quality audio cables, digital cables, and power conditioners from Transparent Audio that support the accurate transfer of electronic signals from two channel line stages (another name for a two channel preamplifier), to two channel power amplifiers and ultimately to your ears via loudspeakers or headphones.

Digital audio equipment, such as dedicated two-channel D/A converters, are a popular component in today’s high performance audio systems. DACs perform the challenging process of accurately converting detailed digital data into a rich analog signal. Paragon’s digital audio experts are educated on the latest digital technology, and are proud to represent products that deliver exceptional digital audio, from: Audio Research, dCS digital playback systems, McIntosh, Parasound, Playback Designs, Rotel, and Wadia Digital.

At Paragon, we believe in building an audio system the right way. We are here to help you define your anchor products, and then we encourage you to listen to how other components will build the performance of your system.

Once you have your two channel components set in your system, other things like high quality audio stands and amplifier bases, subwoofers, and sound traps can all make a difference. We offer stands from: Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), Salamander, Sanus, and XTC Rack Designs; and subwoofers from: B&W, JL Audio, REL Acoustics, and Wilson Audio.

We also carry a variety of headphones for a more personal listening experience, including products from: B&W, Etymotic Research, Grado Labs, and LSTN.

The Paragon staff is always willing to set up specific systems for you to listen and learn.
Our goal is to help you find your perfect audio system.

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