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Paragon Integration is the custom installation division of Paragon Sight and Sound. Our Company provides high performance Residential Audio/Video, IT, Automation, and Monitoring solutions for homeowners throughout Southeast Michigan.

During the last decade, our combination of excellence in design, engineering, project management, and continuing customer service has yielded an outstanding word-of-mouth reputation among clients with some of the finest homes in Michigan. We work closely with clients, architects, interior designers and builders, to craft electronic systems that quietly blend into your home.

To learn more about Paragon Integration options, Call us at 734-662-3595.

The Paragon Way: Sounding Great, Looking Better
The Paragon Way: Architecture and the Way You Live
The Paragon Way: Our Systems Conserve Energy
The Paragon Way: Involve Us Early


The Paragon Way: Sounding Great, Looking Better

We believe our electronics systems should complement the home, not overpower it. When we design a Paragon Integrated system, the first thing we do is listen to you. Once we understand your goals and lifestyle, we start making many choices based on our collective industry experience. For example:

We treat your money like our own. We strive to select the best, but most cost-effective products possible. We don’t use “cookie-cutter” systems that were designed for a “typical” or “average” client.

We choose design topographies that yield higher-performance. For instance, in a multi-room installation, we prefer to use 14 gauge wire instead of 16 gauge. The cost is only slightly more, but that wire choice improves both amplifier and speaker performance. The music sounds better AND the system lasts longer.

Our Information Technology experts spec and install routers, wireless access points, and other IT components to ensure reliable wireless performance within and around your home.

We carefully select and route the in-wall cables, thereby minimizing the interference and sonic degradation. For high-end rooms, we install better cables in the walls.

We consider room acoustics, furniture location, and your lifestyle when we locate speakers.

Many of these choices are hidden. If we skimp on in-wall cables, you would never see the difference, but you’d hear it. If we were careless in speaker placement, you’d never experience the sound that you paid for. If we had picked a cheap amplifier, you’d end up with elevator music.

We believe that the better we do our job, the less you’ll see it. A well-designed and meticulously-installed system is easy and intuitive to operate, and becomes part of the daily fabric of your home.


The Paragon Way: Architecture and the Way You Live

Our clients relish wonderful architecture. They appreciate outstanding interior design. They admire craftsmanship. They want to feel their home is secure. And, of course, they love music and movies.

As “smart home” professionals, we form a team with your architect, your interior designer, and your craftsmen. Each discipline brings its expertise and experience to bear on the common goal – to create the best space possible for you and your family. Together the team members propose ideas, improve them, and incorporate them into an overall design.

Sometimes there are trade-offs. The best sounding speaker might not look right in the room. Or the room dimensions might be acoustically difficult. Or the router in your home IT system doesn’t deliver the performance we know you will need. In these trade-off situations, we don’t advocate; we educate.

Once we’ve informed you of the issues and options, you can then make your best decisions.

Let’s talk aesthetics. We want your rooms to “feel” right. As you enter a room, you immediately see it—the architecture, the interior design, the construction details, the lighting. You may perceive its textures—wall surfaces, fabrics, flooring. Next, you hear it—the sense of acoustic space, and the music and sounds that make you smile. We know that often, the non-visual design considerations can be overlooked. So we help our clients create a complete environment: an environment that pleases all the senses.


The Paragon Way: Our Systems Conserve Energy

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Studies have shown that lowering a thermostat just three degrees can save up to 10% on your energy bill. Paragon Integration creates automated home control systems that go far beyond just turning down the heat. We provide intelligent lighting that turns on with the setting sun, preset blinds that automatically close to conserve energy, and of course regulate thermostat levels. You can access a detailed energy history report that allows you to make informed decisions about consumption. And our remote access option (on your smartphone, iPad, or other remote device) allows you to make immediate changes that prevent unnecessary energy consumption.


The Paragon Way: Involve Us Early

We can achieve the best results and the highest performance when we have the fewest constraints. Often in a project, early arbitrary choices—where a pipe goes, where a door is located, the exact room dimensions—can limit audio/video design options. We can achieve very high-performance cost- effective results when the project is still in the design phase. Once construction begins, the cost of high-performance rises.

To learn more about Paragon Integration options, Call us at 734-662-3595 today.

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