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Wilson’s Entry-Level Floor-Standing Loudspeaker

Since its launch in 2001, Sophia has inevitably been described as Wilson Audio’s “entry-level” floor-standing loudspeaker. While Sophia remains Wilson’s most affordable floor-stander, focusing on price obscures an important fact – price was incidental to Sophia’s actual design objective. The goal of Dave and the Wilson team was to create a loudspeaker that – unlike its siblings at the time, X-1 GrandSlam and Watt/Puppy – was less demanding of rooms and electronics. Sophia was designed to be a product easy to drive, easy to own, and one that invites its owner to relax into the enjoyment of music.

Despite its design to work with modest electronics, Sophia’s true magic is that it remains steadfast to Wilson’s dedication to sound quality – revealing nuance and detail that is often only reached with state-of-the-art gear.

Drivers & Technology

Since Sophia 2 was introduced, Wilson Audio has made vast improvements in driver technology. The same tweeter developed for Maxx 3 and Sasha W/P is now a part of Sophia Series 3.

Sophia 3 Driver

The proprietary Wilson midrange driver, which transformed the sound of Alexandria X-2, and was subsequently employed in upgrading Maxx and Sasha now, in a simplified version, finds a home in Sophia. No single driver is more responsible for the tonal accuracy and beauty of the Wilson Audio sound.

The Sophia woofer, originally debuted in the Series 1, has undergone major modifications. The Sophia 3 features a magnet structure twice the size of its predecessor. While maintaining their tunefulness of the initial design, the overall impact, speed, agility, and linearity of the bass is significantly enhanced in the new loudspeaker.

The crossover that links these drivers has been completely reworked, as well as the user-changeable resistors. These were formerly located on the bottom of the enclosure, but have now been moved to an easily-accessible panel on the rear of Sophia.

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